Big things come from small beginnings . . .

The company started in 1992 as Vethealth Trading with the veterinarian husband and wife tandem of Erwin and Corazon Occidental starting out as distributors for Mallinckrodt Veterinary Inc. in the province of Bulacan. It eventually expanded to cover the whole of Northern Luzon by 2000, becoming Schering-Plough Animal Health’s biggest distributor in the country for several years.

In 1994, the company was registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission as a corporate entity. This was also the year that Vethealth became the exclusive Philippine distributor for Meriden Animal Health (UK) and this also started the gradual shift from just being a provincial distributor for other companies operating in the Philippines to a company with its own exclusive product lines.

At present, Vethealth Corporation is the exclusive local partner of Meriden Animal Health (UK), Dutch Farm International BV of The Netherlands and Eurofeed Technologies SRL of Italy. In addition, it also carries some exclusive products from Oriane Sante Animale of France, Arosol Chemicals of India and Industrias Alcosa of Mexico. And from just a two-person operation in one province, the company is now nationwide in coverage, has its own local subsidiaries and employs, as a group, 56 personnel.


Our History

  • 1992

    Appointed as Regional Distributor for Coopers Animal Health

  • 1994

    Vethealth Corporation was registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

  • 1995

    Partnership with Meriden Animal Health, UK

    Partnership with Dutch Farm International, BV

    Meriden Animal Health Phils., Inc. was registered under the SEC (2nd item)

  • 1997

    Appointed as Secretary of Bulacan Hog Farmers Assn., Inc.

  • 2000

    Larmrose Philippines, Inc. was registered under the SEC

  • 2002

    VetRich Corporation was registered under the SEC

  • 2004

    Prymark Western Veterinary Corporation was registered under the SEC

  • 2006

    Became member of the Philippine Veterinary Drug Association (PVDA)

  • 2010

    Became donor member of Philippine Society of Animal Nutritionists (PHILSAN)

    Greenway Animal Health Solutions Corporation was registered under the SEC

  • 2011

    Elected as Membership Committee Chairman of the Philippine Veterinary Drug Association (PVDA)

    Partnership with Eurofeed Technologies, SRL

  • 2012

    20th year in veterinary pharmaceuticals

  • 2014

    Feb 2014 – Our CEO, Corazon P. Occidental, DVM receives Most Outstanding Veterinarian in Agribusiness from PVMA


"Vethealth is the most admired and preferred partner in the animal health industry."


"We care for our clients, their animals, and our resources and employees.

We constantly satisfy our clients with exceptional and innovative products and services."

Our Values

The company conducted surveys among the employees and managers on the values important to them. After several workshops, we came up with common values that everyone agreed was important to both the company and their personal lives.

These values shall give us the zeal to achieve our mission and fulfill our vision:

God and Family

The Most High and Sovereign God is the foundation of our work and our personal lives. Whatever we do, we do first and foremost for His Glory and His Purpose. We put Him first in all aspects of our lives because we believe that as long as we align ourselves with His teachings, everything will all fall into the good path. We can put our full confidence in Him because we know that we have a God, who not only understands our weaknesses and troubles but who was also tempted in every way but remained strong and glorious.

Our families are our inspiration. We want to be able to provide for their needs and be able to give them a comfortable life. We work hard because we want to give them a brighter future.


Respect means putting other people?s status, feelings, needs, wants, and thoughts into consideration. This is an easy value to understand but a tough one to follow. We are considerate and we value people, especially our colleagues and our clients.


Being real and consistent with one?s actions, words, performance, beliefs, and principles. A person of integrity is trustworthy and takes full responsibility for his actions, delivers on promises and faces problems head-on. A person of integrity is the same person inprivate as well as in public, hence, does not fear if he/she is exposed. We mold and develop thecharacter of each individual because it is the character of the person that builds up integrity.


We strive for excellence! We have a passion to serve. Our passion is rooted in who we serve, and they are God, our loved ones, and our clients! We will be capable, efficient, proactive, creative, and resourceful. But more importantly, we will perform our work beyond the expected norm regardless of our position, whether as president or the one who cleans the office. We will always do our best, bring a sense of fulfillment, and add value to ourselves and our company. We want to outdo ourselves, achieve goals beyond normal, and exceed expectations.


Each employee plays a vital role in the company and all are equally important. We recognize each of their capabilities, strengthen their skills, and harness their potential. We do not only support members of our own team but also members of the other teams. We all work together towards a common vision. We can all work together in unity, harmoniously, and effectively as one big family that is Vethealth Corporation. For the company does not consist of one part but of many.

Caring or "Malasakit"

Our value of caring or "malasakit" encompasses our concerns for our employees, our customers, the animals that they take care of, the communities that we serve, and the environment. We are aware of the social, economical, political, and environmental concerns of our nation and we contribute to its development. As signs of our commitment to this value, the company and its employees shall participate in environment conservation programs and practice corporate social responsibility.